Reporting & Features

August 2021: Coda Story: Letter From London: Snake news is fake news.

August 2021: Coda Story: Letter from London: Ransomware is wreaking havoc in Hackney.

July 2021: Coda Story: Cuba darkens its internet during biggest protests in decades.

June 2021: Coda Story: Rights groups coalition demands global ban on facial recognition surveillance tech.

May 2021: Coda Story: Cows, cash and ‘pot for shots’: global vaccine swag.

April 2021: Coda Story: Myanmar’s protest movement riven by suspicions and accusations of betrayal.

March 2021: Coda Story: Myanmar rappers battle against the coup.

March 2021: Coda Story: Digital insurgents rally against Myanmar’s military junta.

February 2021: Coda Story: Myanmar military’s internet shutdowns are destroying businesses.

February 2021: Coda Story: Myanmar prepares for military to ratchet up control of the internet.

July 2020: Coda Story: Military-backed company in Myanmar seeks control of the country’s internet.

May 2020: Coda Story: Exclusive: Islamophobic disinformation and hate speech has swamped social media during the coronavirus pandemic.

May 2020: Coda Story: The coup that wasn’t — the latest conspiracy against Qatar.

March 2020: Coda Story: Surveillance gets the graphic novel treatment.

March 2020: Coda Story: Foreign workers in the Gulf can’t call home during coronavirus crisis.

March 2020: Coda Story: Disinformation about Qatar surges in wake of COVID-19.

June 2019: The Observer: Perfect mix: using cooking to link refugees and neighbours.

May 2019: The Guardian, Behind the Bloodshed: the chilling untold stories about Charles Manson.

November 2018: The World Today, Black power brokers.

June 2018: New Statesman, The changing shape of Britain’s mosques.

March 2018: Roads & Kingdoms, A robot can cook you roti, but it won’t taste like home.

September 2017: Financial Times, Congestion drives urban invention in the Middle East.

August 2017: Podcast, Financial Times, Arabic language ebookstore finds readers but not payers.

July 2017: Prospect, How Indian and Pakistani filmmakers wrestled with the ghosts of Partition.

March 2017: Financial Times, Dubai leads Arab start-ups.

December 2016: Columbia Journalism Review, Mysterious shutdown plagues popular news site in Qatar.

September 2016: Columbia Journalism Review, Terrorism’s history lessons for political reporters.

September 2016: Columbia Journalism Review, Fear and the Ballot Box: How Political and Media Responses to Terrorism Influence Elections.

January 2014: Think Magazine, Start-Up Cities.

September 2013: Think Magazine, New Harvests in the Desert.

August 2013: The World Today, Saudi Arabia’s buzzing arts scene.

February 2013: The World Today, Misogyny in Bollywood.

January 2013: BBC, Old Doha.

October 2012: The World Today, Bollywood for grown-ups.

April 2012: The World Today, Focusing on the front line.

April 2005: The Times, Iraq rage drives family furies that will harry Blair at the ballot box.

March 2005: The Times, The most expensive album never released.

The following five longform pieces were published as a week long series on Muslim Britain in 2003. The reporting, writing and editing took three months.

July 2004: The Times, Muslim Britain Part 1, Mosques Sources of spiritual comfort, or so out of touch.

July 2004: The Times, Muslim Britain Part 2, No drink, no drugs, no sex. No chance.

July 2004: The Times, Muslim Britain Part 3, I want to be a rap star. But if my dad finds out . .

July 2004: The Times, Muslim Britain Part 4, Lured by the big city – even if it’s racist.

July 2004: The Times, Muslim Britain Part 5, Populus poll, ‘If we were attacked, I’d die for this country’.

April 2003: The Observer, Iraq, Waiting for the nation’s wounds to heal.

April 2003: The Observer, Iraq, Aid that comes too little, too late.

April 2003: The Observer, Iraq, Tomato republic.

March 2003: The Observer, Iraq, A bitter chaos as trickle of aid begins.

March 2993: The Observer, Iraq, Jubilation turns to hate as aid arrives.

March 2003: The Observer, Iraq, Reliving old battles.

November 2002: The Observer, Distant voices tell of life for Britons caged in Camp Delta.

July 2002: The Observer, India, Militants seek Muslim-free India.

July 2002: The Observer, Things can only get bitter.

July 2002: The Observer, Los Angeles, Lost Angeles.

February 2002: New Statesman, At the weekend, Islam gets angry.

May 2001: The Observer, Afghanistan, Afghans face human tragedy.

May 2001: The Observer, Afghanistan, Afghans face catastrophe as flames of war are rekindled.

February 2001: The Observer, France, Forgotten tribe’s endless trek.

February 2001: The Observer, India, Killer’s trial exposes Bollywood’s gangsters.

March 2000: The Observer, Zimbabwe, A shot away from anarchy.

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