December 2017: The Guardian: Finsbury Park van attack: why an imam saved a terror suspect.

September 2017: New Statesman: “People want the shiny stuff. We’re a bit too real”: the rise, fall and return of Tricky.

June 2015: The World Today, Ten minutes with Karen Armstrong.

October 2007: The Guardian, Neil Young, “I head for the ditch”.

October 2005: The Times, Rick Rubin, Saving Cash.

July 2005: The Times, Green Day, Nevermind the age gap.

February 2004: The Times, John Frusciante, Prickly Pepper.

August 2003: The Times, Profile of Benazir Bhutto, Fall of Queen Bibi – From the hope of a nation to money-launderer.

February 2003: The Observer, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Spirit of civil rights era invoked.

December 2002: The Observer, Daniel Day Lewis, Age of experience.

August 2002: The Observer, Profile of Irvine Welsh, The trend spotter.

April 2002: The Observer, Patti Smith, This is who I am.

April 2002: The Observer, Neil Young, Gruff diamond.

August 2001: The Observer, Profile of Louis Farrakhan, Saying it loud.

August 2001: The Observer, Suge Knight, Mutha knows best.

February 2001: The Observer, Norman Wisdom, Words of Wisdom.

October 2000: The Observer, Sidney Poitier, The leading man.

September 2000: The Observer, Teenage Fanclub, Long to rain over us.

July 2000: The Observer, Flavor Flav, Flavor of the month.

July 2000: The Observer, Richard Blackwood, Seriously, it’s Richard Blackwood.

June 2000: The Observer, Samantha Morton, Young, gifted and gabby.

June 2000: The Observer, KD Lang, Another country.

April 2000: The Observer, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Peace, man… but not much love.

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